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Authorized Agilite™ Dealer

Bushveld Militia is pleased to announce that they are the authorized dealers for Agilite gear in South Africa.

Agilite is Israel’s number one tactical brand. Agilite’s creative gear is supplied to Special Forces units in Israel and around the world.

Agilite’s relentless mission is to create dynamic gear that gives those who protect us an unprecedented level of agility and comfort. Equipment that allows the world’s best people to fight some of the world’s worst, in some of the furthest, most non-permissive parts of the world, without hindrance. It is the gear we wished we had during our time in harm’s way, the physical manifestation of ideas dreamed up on the front lines and feedback from modern day elite operators, in real time.

Constant input from Israeli, US and other Special Forces units, combined with our cutting edge design expertise and equipment allow us to live out our vision of providing gear that is more creative, ergonomic and intelligent. It is gear that constantly adapts to today’s threats and challenges. Our obsession with functionality and quality serve to give our products an unfaltering high level of performance and durability. Agilite gear is tough, made by tough people in a tough country that has had to innovate to survive.

The Agilite scorpion logo is the humble mark of the adventurous, the duty-bound and of those willing to step out into the unknown. It is the tell-tale sign of those whose search for the finest gear available has taken them across the earth and back.”